I stand corrected.

My earlier version of the story of the Sandbar scooter gang needs to be revised a bit. True, the recent emergence of what we like to call our "gang" started with the trip to Key West. But this was not the first encounter that Sandbar folk had with scooters.

Several years ago {again, the vague reference to "before now"} former bartender/assistant manager Pat bought a scooter. It was a pretty little bike in all it’s obnoxious yellow glory. I think he got it for some of the same reasons I got mine- so he could park and drive on campus more easily than with a car. If that’s somehow inaccurate I’m sure I’ll be corrected again.

I know he still had the scooter in 2004, because I managed to find a picture of it from St. Patrick’s Day. I couldn’t find one of Pat so Dave will have to do.  This was the year we built a Love Boat float. Dave and his giant afro took the scooter for a ride downtown before the parade.


The guys had a lot of fun with the first scooter that graced our lives.  When Pat tired of it, Brother Pants bought it from him.  Then Pants thought he was ready to move on to something bigger and better and bought himself a real motorcycle.  But he quickly discovered- aided by the envy of my new scooter- that scooters were much more fun to ride around town than motorcycles.  He sold the bike and bought his Metropolitan and never looked back.