The Sandbar opened it’s doors in 1989 in downtown Lawrence, Kansas.  If there’s something you want to know about The Sandbar, you’ll find it here.

What is the Hurricane?
The Hurricane is the nightly show that we put on for our customers. 

You can read about how it started here.  Peach created a story to go along with our Hurricane. You can find that story here.

If you’re curious about what actually happens during an indoor hurricane, go here.

How can I get a job at The Sandbar?
Be a regular customer. Be fun. Dance on the bar during the Hurricane. Don’t argue about your tab. Don’t start fights. Wait patiently in line and don’t harass the doorguy about letting you in. Become friends with the staff. Tip well. Compliment Dave’s wife. 

In fact, be familiar with all our drinking rules.

Who owns The Sandbar?
This is apparently a source of confusion for many people.

Peach opened the bar in 1989. She and her husband Ted own both the bar and the building.

Dave has managed the bar for at least the last ten years, maybe more.  Very recently, Dave and Peach became partners in the business and thus are now co-owners.

There is no secret majority owner, no matter what you may have heard.




How do I get on the priority list at the door?
There is no priority list. Whoever told you that is silly.  Everyone waits in line, including staff.  The only people who can enter the bar without waiting in line are the aforementioned owners, and even they usually choose to wait in line.

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