Pat is a frequent contributor to this blog so it’s only fitting that we fill you in on what he’s been doing since he left The Sandbar.  He helpfully contributed his own questions to the standard set I provided.

How long did you work at The Sandbar?
  Almost nine years. I started out as a doorman and ended as assistant manager.

Patfaced1 How did you get the job? I slept my way to the top. {uh, Dave, is there something you want to tell your wife?}

Favorite drink to drink?
I consumed my share of Captain and cokes.

Any specialty drinks? Dirty Banana.  {Pat came back from his Jamaican vacation a long time ago raving about these, but he didn’t have the recipe and we couldn’t ever replicate it until Dave managed to finagle the recipe out of a Jamaican bartender one time.  Lots of dollars were involved.}

How many times have you seen Jimmy Buffett in concert? Let’s say about ten.

Favorite memory at the bar? Memory, what’s that?? I won a $5 bet on St. Patrick’s Day. I bet someone I could stay there and drink for 12 hours.  Also, the early Tuesday nights, sitting in the comfy chairs, before the giant fish tank was installed.

Favorite jukebox song?  Buffett’s "Travelin’ Clean," Bob Marley’s "Three Little Birds," Don Williams’ "I Believe In Love," and O.A.R.’s "Crazy Game of Poker."

Song you never want to hear again? Shania Twain’s "Any Man of Mine." I hate it when girls danced and stomped on the bar to that one! And "Brown Eyed Girl," that’s a great song but heard it way too many times.

Favorite bar dancing song? "Shake Your Tailfeathers." Love the classics.

Favorite Sandbar float? Pirate ship.

Longest you’ve waited in line?
I usually go elsewhere if there’s a line, or get there early and beat thePatnddave crowd.

Favorite shot?  Penicillin. {when people start asking for penicillin shots at the bar,  I’ll know they’ve read this blog.}

Favorite local music venue?  I’ve always liked the Bottleneck.

Favorite music? Buffett, Marley (the whole family), Primus or any band with Les Claypool, Chili Peppers, Buckethead, Van Halen, Victor Wooten, Jah Roots, Chilly Moon, Franti, Bela Fleck, Fishbone, Gogol Bordello, Brent Berry, Red Elvises, 311, GNR, The Darkness, The Wildhearts, Outkast, funk, reggae, 80’s metal, classic country, I could go on but I won’t.

Favorite tomato based beverage?
Bloody Mary’s and spicy V8.

First concert? Barbara Mandrell at age nine.

First real concert? KISS at age 17.

Favorite chips? Art and Mary’s jalapeno homestyle tater chips, yum.

If you could live anywhere?
the Key’s, Jamaica, Costa Rica. 

Six Random Things About Pat

  • I never got to see Split Lip Rayfield (with Kirk Rundstrom).
  • I met Jimmy Buffett in Palm Beach, Florida. He was quite rude.
  • I wasn’t really a dog person before I met my dog Marley.
  • My high school graduation class had 28 people in it.
  • I got a small track scholarship to Emporia State.
  • My first day bartending at The Sandbar, I didn’t know how to open the cash register.

And Pat even provided his own pictures, not that I didn’t already have a million pictures of him. Thanks, Pat!