A conversation between Dave and I on Friday afternoon:

"You'll never guess who was in the bar last night!"  {overly enthusiastic husband}

"You're right, I probably won't. Who?"  {I never guess correctly, so why even bother?}

"No, you have to at least try to guess!" {okay, all right, I'll play.}

"Keegan?"  {I say Keegan because one of the bar band members recently mentioned that our former door guy, now living in Seattle, might be making an appearance in Lawrence soon. Perhaps it was time?}

"No, but you're damn close."  {And on the first try! This could be fun!}

"Adam?" {Our former neighbor, not associated with the bar at all, but he also moved to Seattle a few years ago, so he was the next obvious choice, according to my semi-logical thought progression.}

"No…now you're getting colder." {Hmmm…what did we associate Keegan with? Bar band! Who else was part of the bar band?}

"Chad Dempsey?" {Former doorguy, former bar band-er, and the shock of seeing him in the bar for the first time in, oh, years could explain Dave's hyper-excitement.}

"No! But you're so close!" {Okay, this was either getting to be fun, or really frustrating…but I was in for the long haul now.}

"Randy Foster?"  {Randy never worked at the bar, I don't think, but he was there a lot. And he was part of the bar band. And the DJ at our wedding. And we haven't seen him in years, either.}

"No! But you're still so close!" {What the hell? Who is left?}

"I give. Tell me. I can't think of anyone else." {I give up so easily.}Dean_1107


Of course! How could I have not guessed Dean! He worked at the bar for several years, several years ago.  I could tell you a lot more about him if he'd ever respond to the harassing emails I send to former employees, begging them to answer my questions so I can feature them on the blog.