• A couple days ago, I talked about the recent resurgence in the issue of outdoor patios in Downtown Lawrence. At last night’s City Commission meeting, the five commissioners unanimously approved allowing the Bourgeois Pig to keep their sidewalk dining license. This is great news.  In other even-better news, three of the five commissioners indicated their openness to the possibility of allowing other establishments to apply for the license as well, as long as the city placed to-be-determined rules and restrictions on the areas. 
  • Voting continues to be strong in the Halloween costume contest. Maybe we’ll do this online every year.  It looks like Dolly Parton (aka Ashley) is in the lead.  Can Mr. Peepers come from a distant second to overtake her? Can the Penguin or the Bachelorette suddenly start getting some votes? Don’t forget to vote, and tell all your friends to vote, before November 9. 
  • You might have noticed this new addition to the sidebar:

    This little gem signifies my willingess to give you, dear readers, something new every day. NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, is a social network of bloggers who commit to posting something new every day during the month of November. This includes weekends.  This could be a real challenge.  So, help me out.  If there is something you want to read about, leave me a comment. {Preferably Sandbar related, but if enough of you want to know about Amazon rainforests or how to bake pies or shopping for shoes, we can do that too.}