As a special treat for the loyal readers of this blog, here is a teaser photo of the soon-to-be-released-to-the-world, brand spankin’ new, Sandbar hurricane video.  It’s not quite done yet but it’s getting close.  I am so excited about this video.  I think we get funnier every time.


The new video incorporates a lot of things, some old and some new: mermaids, scooters, flair, dollar bills, hats, chickens, scary bouncers, wigs, rooftops, and half-naked men.  Not necessarily in that order.  You can use your imagination until we unveil the video, which will hopefully be sometime this month.

{Don’t forget to vote for the best Halloween costume. Voting ends November 9. That means you have three more days to shamelessly promote your favorite costume. Or write someone in if you don’t like the choices I gave you.}