It’s so exciting to be able to profile a current employee! Tegan has worked at the bar for awhile now, so she’s not really new anymore, but she’s one of the newest staff members.  Read on to find out all about her.

How long have you worked at The Sandbar?
  Six months.

How did you get the job?  I loitered and talked KU Basketball with Dave.  {I should remove this question.  Everyone seems to have gotten this job because they loitered.}

How long were you a customer first?
About a year. 07sep28sb1_11

Other jobs you have had?
KU men’s basketball manager, cart girl at Alvamar Country Club, beer cart driver at Overland Park Golf Course.

Favorite job besides The Sandbar? KU men’s basketball manager.

Favorite drink to drink? Pacifico.

Favorite drink to make?  We make drinks here? I’m just here to hang out!  The Big Wave Dave.

Most embarrassing moment at the bar?  Not any noteworthy ones…yet.  It’s pretty much embarrassing anytime I get up on the bar to dance.

Favorite jukebox song? "What I Got," Sublime.

Song you never want to hear again?
  "Dancing Queen," or "I Will Survive."

Favorite bar dancing song? Sandbar song- "Car Wash."  Jukebox song- "Rocky Top."  I love my Tennessee roommate!

Img_0120 Favorite Sandbar float?  I’ve always been with the basketball team traveling in March for the NCAA, so I’ve never actually seen one.

Longest you’ve waited in line?
  About 30 minutes before I gave up.

Hobbies: Golf, working out, sleeping, shopping, Royals, and any KU sporting events.

Favorite quote:  "If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"- John Wooden

Favorite ice cream: yogurt from TCBY

If you could live anywhere:
any place tropical

Five Random Facts About Tegan:

  • I have a phobia of Asians and anything Asian.  If you see me, you’ll scratch your head.  {see the photos in this post.  yeah, we don’t get it either.}
  • I played golf my first two years of college.
  • I own over 40 different color combinations of Ralph Lauren Polo shirts and a sick shoe collection.
  • I bake cookies for The Sandbar every Tuesday. {and they’re yummy!}
  • I won’t eat mayo on anything.

There you have it.  Stop by and visit Tegan on Wednesdays after work.