Another Halloween, over. 

Even though the ‘official’ day fell on a Wednesday this year, lots of people still managed to dig out their costumes (some for a second or even third time already this year) and make it out to the bar for a fun night. Any excuse to go out, right? 

Some of the highlights from our second party:

  • Baywatch.  Chris as David Hasselhoff and Blair as Pamela Anderson.  That sight alone was worth a trip to The Sandbar. White sunblock, lifeguard suits, and wigs- it was downright scary.
  • Mr. Peepers. Joe played the goofy ‘missing link’ character from Saturday Night live.
  • Brokeback Mountain.  Dave managed to convince Emerson to be his cowboy partner for the night as they outfitted themselves in western shirts courtesy of Goodwill, cowboy hats, and stick horses.

Dscf0574_2 There were so many great costumes this year.  I’ve created a new poll so you all can vote on the best one.  Because, wouldn’t you know it, we forgot to do the costume contest again. Apparently everyone was too busy watching/participating in the antics of the evening.  So, we’ll just do it here.  Then you can have a vote even if you weren’t at The Sandbar {or even in the same state}.  There will actually be a prize for the winner! Most likely a Sandbar shirt or hat or koozie or something like that. Nothing fancy. And if you disagree with the costumes I chose for the contest, well, too bad. You can leave me a comment and let me know who you think should have been included.  Maybe a write-in candidate will win, who knows.

Don’t forget to vote, over to the right. And still more pictures added to the Halloween album