I hope everyone made it home safely last night and is recuperating today.

Our first Halloween party of the season was last night.  Because KU’s football game was so inconveniently scheduled for 6 p.m., along with the fact that the team is actually winning this year and people wanted to see it, The Sandbar was completely dead until after the game was over. Some of us who didn’t get there until about 10 p.m. were worried about having to stand outside in line for hours- which would be normal for a Saturday night- but instead we were surprised to find only about twenty people in the bar when we arrived.

But that didn’t matter.  The crowd who was there managed to make their own fun even without the place being packed. 

Some of the highlights:

  • Britney Spears.  Michelle imitated the fallen pop princess perfectly, right down to the is-it-a-shirt/is-it-a-dress outfit, which flashed her private parts (not her real ones!) for the paparazzi.  Add to that a pink wig, unfortunate poufy lips, and large white sunglasses, and one thought the starlet might have actually graced Lawrence with her presence.
  • A Bachelorette. This might not seem unique, as The Sandbar sees bachelorettes nearly every weekend.  The funny thing about this costume, however, is that it was Chad dressed as a bachelorette, complete with the suck-for-a-buck t-shirts that the jealous girlfriends always bestow on the bride-to-be, a tiara, and the requisite male anatomical parts.
  • Dolly Parton. The only way this costume could have been any better is if Ashley could have figured out how to shrink herself down by a couple of feet.  The crowning piece of this costume was the bigger-than-life brassiere stuffed to the size of a person’s head.  Blonde curls, a mole, and a Dollywood shirt completed the ensemble, along with an aching back from the weight of the chest.Img_3795_edited1

And what would Halloween be without Dave and his latest creation.  Most of the costume was tame- dark
denim farmer overalls, plain flannel shirt, and fake hay attached to the sleeves and collar to resemble a scarecrow. But then he donned a giant plastic jack-o-lantern.  He cut a hole in the bottom and rigged a bicycle helmet on the inside so he could wear the headpiece. It was especially funny when he rode his scooter up and down Massachusetts Street- multiple times- wearing the entire ensemble.

I’ve added some pictures to the Halloween album.  More to come when I get pictures from other folks as well as pictures from the "real" Halloween party on Wednesday. So, if you were there and took any pictures, send them our way.