Seen on Page Six of the New York Post:

DON’T mess with Jimmy Buffett and his "Parrotheads." The crooner is going after
Six Flags’ 20 theme parks, including Great Adventure, charging that its
10,000-member "Carrothead Club" for kids who are fans of Bugs Bunny is a
copyright infringement. But Six Flags rep Wendy Goldberg told us: "I’m not sure
how the concept of children in foam carrot hats is going to be confused with
significantly older Hawaiian shirt-wearing, margarita-swilling Parrotheads.
Clearly imitation wasn’t what we had in mind!" She says there are no plans to
discontinue the club.

Geez.  What’s next? The Packer fans and their cheeseheads?

{Thanks to frequent contributor Pat for this submission.  I should just let him write the blog.}