Every year we talk about all the fun things we could do for Halloween. Like a pumpkin-carving contest- that idea has been floated every year for the last two or three.  Sandbar staff and friends could gather one evening at the bar with pumpkins and be artistic. It hasn’t happened yet. As much as we look forward to Halloween every year, somehow it still kind of sneaks up on us. 

Halloween019_edited1 We’re pretty much doing the same thing as always.  Saturday night- the 27th- you can expect the bar to be full of crazy costumes.  We’ll have a costume contest at some point, but we never really adhere to a strict schedule. The contest just kind of happens whenever the ringmaster of the circus (that would be Dave) feels like it, usually when the bar is crowded and there is a decent mix of costumes.

We’ll do the same thing on Wednesday night for those of you who like to celebrate the holiday on the actual holiday (and those of you who just like multiple reasons to go out in costume).

As for prizes, most likely the winners will get Sandbar gear like shirts, hats, or koozies.  We don’t usually do a cash prize, simply because there are already so many contests happening around town with bigger prizes. 

What will Dave do this year? Even I’m not really sure.  Last year his outrageous costumes made for a great poll question.  Unfortunately (for all of us) it seems that his "Hammer" costume was the hands-down favorite.  Apparently all of you readers like to see Dave at his most embarrassing.

You can go here for a recap of last year’s Halloween party. And don’t forget about the Halloween photo album on the right side of the page. It has pictures of great costumes from the last several years.  We’ll be adding more pictures of this year’s fun after it happens.