It’s the end of an era at The Sandbar. 

Ted_mattMatt’s last bartending shift is tomorrow.  He’s moving on to bigger things, namely vacation pay and health insurance.  It just won’t be the same without him behind the bar…

Matt started working at The Sandbar six years ago when he was 21.  He actually worked at The Lodge in Baldwin City first, to get his foot in the door, until a shift opened up at The Sandbar.  And he’s been a consistently good employee ever since then. 

Back when Matt started working, we used to put a counter/tabletop thing outside by the door, and the doorguy sat outside to card people and take their money.  The guys decided it would be fun to haze the new guy, and they told him that on everyone’s first night, they had to wear the shark costume.  Matt apparently didn’t argue with this and wore the costume.

Along the way we’ve been part of many of the things in Matt’s life…graduation, marrying his lovely wife Ana, the infamous bus to the Boulevard tour, and all the fun days at the lake.

So, here’s to many more fun years with Matt on the other side of the bar. Come on down to the bar on Tuesday and let Matt know how much he’s been appreciated through the years.