From the Sandbar diaries 6/6/03- a fish story for ya.

It is a full and exciting day within the Sandbar fish tank.  While Debbi may hope that the shark doesn’t turn violent, it may be too late as there was a serious run-in between the shark and the cowfish.  Was it a little love bite or a snack? Either way, Sammy the shark had our beloved cowfishy in his predator mouth just a-shaking him to pieces. 

Linda and Phil came to a quick and immediate rescue.  Now the cowfish is recuperating in the little tank. 

Status update, 8:30 p.m: the cowfish is showing signs of life.

Status update, 1:00 a.m.: the cowfish is barely alive.  Michelle is loaded.

Sadly, the cowfish (otherwise known as Jet Ski, Focker, Bessy, or Ariel, depending on who you ask, because we can never all agree on a name for a fish) has passed on to another world. But out of the grief came some stellar poetry to remember our lost friend.

There once was a killer named Dave;100_0255

Some would call his manner depraved;
He bought up some fish,
the clowns were deee-lish,
Cuz Sammy the Shark was Dave’s fave!

Davey, he liked to play God;
Spoil the fish, spare the rod;
Sacrificed all the clowns,
on his omnipotent rounds,
To the shark, with a wink and a nod!
            –Justin, Heather, and Michelle

You just never know what you might find in that notebook kept by the door…especially when the patrons get hold of it.