Sometime last year when I was randomly googling things on the internet, I found a blog called Clublife. It’s written by a guy named Rob who’s a bouncer at an unnamed club in New York City.  The blog is basically an ongoing tale of his life as a bouncer and all the crap he sees and has to put up with.  Actually, he calls it "an online journal of the nightly nonsense endured by a bouncer at two of New York’s most popular night clubs." It’s pretty entertaining and he’s a great writer. It also makes me thankful that The Sandbar isn’t a "club" and isn’t in New York City and isn’t any bigger than it is. 

Rob the Bouncer wrote his blog for a couple years and ended up featured in a New York gossip column. All of a sudden he started getting calls from editors and publishers who were interested in a book.  So he wound up with a book deal to chronicle his bouncing life.  The book was just released last month.  You can read about it here.  I think I’m going to buy it. It might become required reading at The Sandbar.   It will make the doorguys appreciate where they work, if nothing else.

Brother Pants, maybe you could use this one for your book club.