Every year, the staff at both Sandbar locations get together for a staff meeting party at Peach and Ted’s house outside of Baldwin.  We gather at their pond, which has an actual beach thanks to the truckloads ofSandbarmeeting001 sand that Ted hauled in several years ago.  One year a real live palm tree was even planted.  Tonight was the first time in a couple of years we’ve managed to get everyone together.

Since the staff from Lawrence and Ottawa don’t get a lot of opportunities to interact, many of us don’t know each other.  Each person stood and gave their name, how long they’ve been at the bar, and an interesting "fact" about themselves.  Tenure at the bar ranges from 14 years (Dave) down to 5 hours (Joe).  (A few people seemed to think they’ve been employed at/hanging around the bar longer than they actually have; I guess the more time that passes, the longer it must seem?).   The "meeting" part wasn’t very long, Peach talked about the bar in general and was very encouraging and appreciative of the job everyone does. Dave addressed some specific issues for the Lawrence crew, and Coopey did the same for Ottawa folks. 

A few brave folks tried out the jet ski, but that didn’t last long. The nine year old girl and Peach did fine on it; the two adults who later made an attempt tipped the jetski not once, but twice, which flooded the engine and rendered it useless.  It made for some good entertainment.  Peach took a crowd on a wagon ride around the farm to see the land and the animals, and then everyone met back up at the house for a great meal of burgers and brats.  It was fun time. Peach and Ted are super hosts and they have a great place out in the country.  Lots of dogs, horses, elk, zebras, and all kinds of animals to see. And it was a beautiful night- nice and cool, hardly any bugs biting, and of course a full moon. Always our favorite.