I didn’t get much of a response when I asked a few days ago for suggestions about a new poll, but I came up with one on my own. For quite awhile we’ve been talking about different quotes and phrases to print on the back of the Sandbar logo shirts. A long time ago we had our own slogan on the back: “We can’t change your latitude, but we can sure change your attitude!” Lots of people loved this one, and lots of people have asked for us to do it again, and maybe we will sometime. But we’d like to do something different, too.

Matt put together a really good list of lots of ideas awhile back. Of course I couldn’t find it tonight when I wanted it. But I did manage to come up with a few options for you to choose from. My favorite one is “Come back after a few beers.” I saw that one on a shirt Friday night and thought it was pretty funny. But don’t let me influence you. Please cast your vote for your favorite- and the quote with the most votes will end up on the next shirt we print.

Edited: I’m an idiot. I published this post about a new ‘random question’….but I forgot to actually publish the poll which asked the random question. Though apparently no one even noticed, because there are no sarcastic comments about it. I guess that means no one really reads this?