Perhaps one of the more interesting famous people who have been in The Sandbar would be Paul Rudd.  You may know him as Mike, Phoebe’s husband, from Friends; or one of the buddies from the 40 Year Old Virgin movie; or, like me, you may know (and love) him best as the older, smarter stepbrother in the movie Clueless.

He’s been in The Sandbar at least once and maybe more than that.  The one time we know of, he was dancing on the bar right beside Dave, and Dave didn’t even know who he was until after he was gone. How could he not know, you ask? Well, he’s a lot shorter than you might think. And he was there with a bachelor party, and he was dancing around with one of their inflatable, er, props that was smacking Dave in the face. As you can imagine, Dave had other things on his mind besides wondering if maybe the person next to him happened to be a famous movie star.

One of our patrons, Karissa, tracked him down that night after he left the bar (at Quinton’s, we think) and got a picture, which she sent to us for our collection.

Sandbar customer Karissa and Paul Rudd

You probably already know that Mr. Rudd grew up in Overland Park, went to Shawnee Mission West (that was a trivia question at The Bottleneck’s Smackdown Trivia), and went to KU briefly. It’s pretty cool to see someone from “around here” make it big, especially when they come back to visit.