I saw something really funny in yesterday’s Lawrence Journal-World.

There were extra sections included that were all about the various things you need to know about Lawrence and KU, geared toward those new students (and their parents) who have descended upon our town and turned our mundane trips to Target to fetch deodorant into a nightmare that takes two hours longer than it should.  In the entertainment section, there was an article called "We Should Be Dancin’," and it profiled all the hot dance spots in town, like The Ranch, The Granada, and The Sandbar.

Yes, you read that right. The Sandbar was actually included in a list of dance clubs in Lawrence. Here’s what it said:

No dance floor here. But who needs one when you’ve got a bar?  Jimmy Buffett is a fixture on the jukebox, but there’s plenty more music to choose from at this makeshift Margaritaville.  One of the smallest joints in town, The Sandbar has a capacity of 49.  So you’ll feel close to other patrons here because when you dance, you dance with everyone.

Actually, it was a pretty accurate description. But that wasn’t all.  I kept reading the article, which listed several more typical dance clubs like Last Call and the Bottleneck.  In the blurb about the Bottleneck, we were mentioned again:

This place is big enough to hold seven times as many people as the wee Sandbar. 

That’s funny.  Not only are we a dance club now, but we’re also wee.  You can view the article online here. I really didn’t make this stuff up, I’m not that good.