Dave has a new job: bail bondsman.

Our lovely Morgan was driving around Johnson County with one taillight out.  Of course, she knew the taillight was out and actually had an appointment scheduled for the next week to get it fixed.  On this particular day, she was headed home from a job interview with the Royals (exciting, huh!) and wouldn’t you know it, she got pulled over in Lenexa.  Assuming that she was being stopped because of the broken taillight, Morgan was understandably surprised when the officer asked her to step out of the car.  Seems that when he ran her plates, something popped up- an outstanding warrant.  Something to do with an unpaid ticket from 2004 and no proof of insurance…100_1469

Morgan called her friend {name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent} in the Lenexa police department, who we’re sure proceeded to laugh at the situation.  It actually helped Morgan out though- the officer who pulled her over let her park her car in a nearby lot instead of having it towed.  Then he cuffed her- yes, cuffed her!- and hauled her off to Lenexa PD.  The warrant however was from Westwood- a teeny little town deep in the suburbs of Johnson County with six whole police officers on its force- and so Morgan had to hang out in Lenexa and wait for an officer from Westwood to come pick her up for transfer. 

In the meantime, Morgan started sending text messages for help.  The first person she contacted, {name again withheld to protect identity}, was working- but he passed on the message to Dave.  Imagine Morgan’s surprise upon getting a message from Dave: "need help?"

So when I got home from work, we headed to Westwood to find the police station and rescue Morgan.  Apparently the Westwood PD felt it necessary to keep her cuffed as well.  {Seriously, how big of a flight risk is she? And it’s not like she committed a major crime!}  We found the place easily enough; Morgan, uncuffed by now, was waiting outside.  We drove her back to her car in Lenexa and urged her to obey all laws while driving back to Lawrence.

Dave only bails people out of jail once a day, you know.

So next time you’re in the bar and our jailbird is working, feel free to tease her a little.  Oh, and she got the job with the Royals, in case you’re wondering.