We’ve got root beer on tap! That’s right, real root beer. And it’s good stuff.

It might seem a little odd for a bar to have a non-alcoholic drink on tap and for it’s staff to be so excited about it.  But remember, this is The Sandbar and we have ways to make things fun.

As soon as the taps were installed, we were experimenting.  The suggestion was made to stock ice cream so we could serve root beer floats; that was quickly shot down.  However, after much taste-testing, several promising recipes were developed, some that even taste very similar to a real ice cream float, even without the ice cream.

Root Beer Drink #1
McGillicuddy’s Vanilla
Root Beer

Root Beer Drink #2
Spiced Rum
Half ‘n Half
Root Beer

So, come on in and check out our new concoctions!