So I started this blog last year in September, mostly as a way to share stories and keep people updated on events at The Sandbar.  Another reason behind it was to have sort of a running diary of the bar- I’ve always thought it would be fun to write a book about The Sandbar someday, and this is a way to keep track of all the funny things that might be included. 

I noticed tonight that this blog is 11 hits away from reaching 5000.  That’s amazing! Of course, I know most of those hits are the same few of you who read this on a daily basis (or maybe even more than once daily).  But still, 5000 hits is impressive to me. 

So, thanks to those of you who log on and read this whether it’s every day or once a month or one time ever.  Thanks also to those of you who leave comments (I love that!) and those of you who send me pictures, stories, and other items of interest.  It has been really fun keeping this thing up, even though sometimes I feel like I am running out of things to say. 

Here’s to another 5000 hits- maybe we’ll reach that goal in less time!