Al_and_sherry_bohl_2The Sandbar is known around town as a place where anyone can go {as long as they're 21, of course.}  Over the years, we've had all sorts of people visit our little oasis:  students, teachers, doctors, plumbers, city commissioners, lawyers, and even the unemployed. We've even had a few famous folk show up at our door.

Remember Al Bohl? The controversial former athletic director at the University of Kansas and
his wife stopped in on a Saturday afternoon several years ago.  Coleen was working and she treated them very well, even running a special hurricane for them. Mr. and Mrs. Bohl were very gracious and friendly customers. Mrs. Bohl even wore the mermaid costume, but I don't know if they danced on the bar.  This was back when we kept the Polaroid camera at the bar to take pictures of the mermaids (and famous people).  Mr. Bohl kindly autographed the picture for us and it hung on the wall for awhile, until he left KU so gracefully with that "crushed like a dove" speech.  The picture disappeared into a desk drawer somewhere, and he hasn't been seen in The Sandbar since.