I guess this could be kind of like those VH1 "Behind the Music" shows, only it’s "behind the bar." Featuring our very own performer Blair.

Morgan likes to make short videos on her phone and send them to me.  Here’s one she shot of Blair, doing his thing behind the bar.  I’m not really sure what his ‘thing’ is, but the video is kind of funny.  Oh, and that’s Morgan at the beginning of the video.  You’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’m actually a little, I guess you could say, alarmed about this one. I uploaded it to YouTube just the other day, and somehow it’s already been viewed 145 times.  I’m not really sure how anyone knew about it. And no, I didn’t like it enough to sit and watch it over and over and over.  But someone sure did.  So either Blair has a stalker or someone just likes the videos I upload.