It’s always good to revisit the issue of waiting in line, for new folks who might be reading this.  Here’s a guest blog submitted by Heather, with her views on waiting in line, who does it and why, and a positive spin on what can be frustrating for some people.

The answer to that question is that we all wait in line. It doesn’t matter who you are: staff, regular, friend of the owner, newcomer, etc. Everybody waits in line, we’ve even had sports stars and celebrities spend time there. There is only one exception to this and that is for our owners. However, if truth were to be told they usually choose to wait in line like everybody else. I have heard stories of people name dropping and pretending to know our owners to try and end their wait but that only succeeds in making the door person grumpy. Not to mention that I think they got their names wrong.

Those of you who have visited us before know that while we are big on fun we are limited on space. The line allows the staff a little control over how many people are in the bar at one time and keeps us in line with capacity.

It sometimes requires a certain amount of patience but always pays off in the end. After all, we are the only bar in Lawrence with a hurricane extravaganza every single night! I like to think of waiting in line as a rite of passage for all us. Plus it always gives you something to talk about if you see someone interesting and are looking to strike up a conversation…

So next time you visit us and have to spend a little quality time waiting to get in just remember that with all things wonderful it is well worth the wait.