Or, as my friend Courtney’s brother says, Happy Cuatro de Julio. 

The Sandbar is a good spot to pop into for a drink before catching the city fireworks display, or coming by afterwards to celebrate.  Several years ago, before we got a new roof on the building, we’d allow employees and friends up on the roof to watch the show.  We’d have to climb a precarious ladder up through the skylight, always with someone holding the rickety thing at the bottom.  It’s a great view of the fireworks.  Since the new roof, though, we don’t like for people to be on the roof.  It’s not the safest place in the world and we also don’t want the roof damaged.  Plus the skylight is now right over the desk in the office which makes it harder to get up there.

No matter what you do tomorrow to celebrate, have fun and be safe.