Quite awhile ago, Ron brought in a men’s clothing catalog he’d received in the mail.  The company was called "Blair," and Ron thought that surely Dave or I could do something funny with the catalog cover that would make fun of Blair, the employee.

I found some time today to play with the catalog cover.  I have a lot of pictures of Blair but it took just the right picture, with his head turned at just the right angle.  Here’s what I came up with:


We’ve done stuff like this before, usually for the Sandbar holiday gift exchange.  One year someone was bringing the DVD "40 Year Old Virgin," and they wanted someone else’s head superimposed over Steve Carell.  I think it would be fun to make that an annual tradition, picking a new movie and replacing the star’s head with one of our own staff members.  It would also be fun to start watching for extra funny tabloid covers, and putting Sandbar folks on the covers.  Keep watching, we might have more of these soon.