Several months ago I started posting some of our Sandbar videos on YouTube– mostly clips from St. Patrick’s Day, but also some random other video footage shot by staff and customers.  There’s a video of Drew getting his chest waxed- a good imitation of the scene from 40 Year Old Virgin, and there’s also a clip that a customer shot of himself getting cut off at the bar on Halloween. 

A few days ago I re-visited YouTube to view a completely different video and decided to check in on the Sandbar videos.  I was completely shocked to see that these clips have been viewed a lot.  Our dance instruction video for "Proud Mary," one of the parade float dances this year, has been viewed over a thousand times!   1, 660 views as of right now.  The other videos haven’t been viewed nearly as many times, but they’ve still been watched plenty.

One of the things I love about YouTube is that viewers can leave comments on the videos and rate them.  Our "Proud Mary" dance video has a fun comment- during the filming of the bar dancers, Dave was goofing around behind the bar, dancing and sticking his head in the video.  Someone left a comment about the funny man behind the bar. If only they knew. 

Another person left a comment that I really appreciated- it’s on the clip from the parade as we were performing the "Bandstand Boogie"- they said

"Hmm, what a way for me to wake up this morning. I don’t even know how I found your videos but I love them. Brought a smile to my face."

How cool is that? Some random stranger who’s probably never heard of The Sandbar and probably never even been to Kansas- who knows where this person is even located- but they found our videos on YouTube and loved them.  {This person also left a comment on a non-Sandbar related video that I posted- it’s a clip from a friend’s wedding of two other friends doing their version of interpretive dancing to "Kung Fu Fighting." It’s a very funny video, you can watch it here.}

I love when things from The Sandbar can make people happy, that’s what we’re all about.  And I really like it when they leave comments to tell me that The Sandbar made them happy. Hint, hint.