The Sandbar crew showed up on Saturday in North Lawrence to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity and our friend Jen.

Habitat014_2 Thanks to Heather, Coleen, Justin, Michelle, Morgan, Rena,  Pat, Mandy, Matt, Aña, Phil, Bridget, Ron, John, Scotty, Dave, and Debbi for giving up part of their Saturday to work in the mud and {sometime} rain.  I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. We had a great turnout.

The Comfort Neighborhood in North Lawrence is dedicated to Habitat for Humanity homes, several of which looked like they were finished and perhaps occupied already, and several others were in various states of construction. 

Some of our group spent most of their time working on a house that was closer to being finished than Jen’s- they Habitat006hung drywall on the inside of the house for most of the day.  Others of us worked on Jen’s house.  Our volunteers got the outside of her new home primed for paint and sealed up all the nails and seams. 

It really is amazing to see how much work gets done in such a short period of time, and that it’s all done by volunteers.  Jen’s house has to be completed by June 30, so we might try to plan another Sandbar work day in June.  If you are interested in helping send us an email and we’ll let you know the details.  Or, you can always just show up any Saturday at the work site, and they’ll have something for you to do.