A much-anticipated update about a fairly recent staff member, John, who is now a resident of New Zealand…at least until next September…or maybe longer….

When did you work at The Sandbar and for how long?  August 05-August 06

How did you get the job?  I turned 21 and Jake and I had a blast there the first time, so we decided to go back every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  By the greatest string of luck, Dave offered us jobs after our internships that summer.

What are you doing now?  Living in New Zealand, waiting for snowboard season, but bartending when possible.

Last time you were at The Sandbar?  Our going away party in September, 06.  {See photo album to the right.}

Favorite job besides The Sandbar? Working at Krispy Kreme. Rena_john

Favorite drink to drink?  Jack and Coke; I really miss Bud Light though.

Favorite drink to make? Anything I haven’t made before.

Any specialty drinks you call your own?  I can’t remember them, only would make stuff up when people would ask for something strong that tasted good.

Most embarrassing moment at the bar?  I am sure there are worse, but I went to change a keg, messed it up, and it got all over me.  Then upon coming back upstairs there was a woman in the bathroom.  That was wierd. {The stairs to the basement are in the women’s bathroom, which is also wierd.}

Michelles_graduation_party012 Favorite memory at the bar?  There are three:  Dave turning the upstairs into a beach; the entire night of my graduation party; and topless Thursdays  {don’t ask}.

Favorite song on the jukebox?  "3 is the Magic Number" and "Summertime"

Song you never want to hear again?  I don’t know what it is called, but it started with "the British are coming" and I hated it.

Favorite bar dancing song? "Brown Eyed Girl" because every girl in the bar with brown eyes would dance and say to themselves "this is so my song."

How many dollars do you have on the wall?  Sadly none.

Longest you’ve waited in line?  15 minutes with my parents, but then Dave came to the rescue and let in 8 or 10 people ahead of us to get us in.  It was awesome.

What was The Sandbar like when you worked there? My second home.

3 Random Facts About John:

  • I put apple juice in my cereal because I hate the taste of milk
  • I had no experience bartending until Dave hired me
  • I am terrible at flip cup