Two Sandbar staff members, Morgan and Drew, graduated from KU this past Sunday.

Drew will be leaving us later this summer to move to China, where he will teach English.  Morgan is sticking around awhile longer and she’ll continue to work at The Sandbar among other things.

Here are some pictures from the festivities this weekend:



Rena and Tegan (who might be working at The Sandbar one of these days) came in early on Saturday and decorated the bar with all things graduation- streamers, balloons, and giant photos of Morgan pasted all over the walls.  Dave bought Drew a six pack of "Steel Reserve," some type of beer that he renamed "Steel Wolf" by pasting a new label on the package.  Apparently that’s Drew’s nickname for himself.

It was a fun weekend. It’s always fun to see our staff reach a goal and take a new step out into the world.  Of course we hate to see them leave, too.