The Sandbar finally has frozen drinks.

If you’ve been a regular at The Sandbar, you may recall various periods of time where a blender was on the premises.  It was always short-lived; we could never keep a blender running for very long before it broke, and even when it was working, whipping up frozen drinks was such a hassle for the bartenders that the blender was hidden away somewhere so customers didn’t even know we had it.  As soon as one person ordered one, a whole wave of people wanted one, and everyone wanted something different: strawberry daiquiri, margarita, piña colada.  It was too hard to make so many different blended drinks and clean the blender in between.  The plain old beer drinkers could never get served!

Over the years Dave has looked into getting a frozen drink machine. They’re always too expensive, or didn’t work they way he wanted, or something.  But now he’s found one and it is awesome.  The machine has a plain frozen lemonade-type sour mix.  The best part is you can order any frozen drink under the sun and the bartender can mix it up for you using the frozen mix.  We can add flavored vodkas, tequila, or whatever you want.

Dave’s new favorite drink is Winter Wheat.  Stop by and enjoy a frozen concoction in front of our open windows today!