It seems like only yesterday when Jake (and his buddy John) left us for the more exciting continent of Australia.  We thought they would only be gone a few months…but they had so much fun Down Under that they renewed their visas and moved on to New Zealand. Who knows when they’ll be back….but in the meantime here are some fun facts about Jake that you may not know.

When did you work at The Sandbar and for how long?  August 2005- September 2006Michelles_graduation_party011

How did you get the job? {Jake’s story} John and I hung around The Sandbar entirely too much. I think Dave just felt really bad for us. {my story} Dave kept coming home from work talking about this fun group of college kids who were in the bar all the time.  Most of them worked for the University Daily Kansas at KU.  He knew he would need to hire some new staff members soon and kept watching this group, thinking some of them would make good employees. He always has an eye for the good ones.

What are you doing now?  Not growing up.  Living in New Zealand.

Last time you were at The Sandbar?  I drank beer.

Favorite drink to drink?  It’s a toss up between a Great White and a Boulevard Wheat with a shot of Bacardi Limon in it- thanks Blair.

Favorite drink to make? This is a very special drink, and it is very close to my heart: beer.

Any specialty drinks you call your own?  When I would get customers that wanted a shot "that’s really strong but tastes good," I would generally stir something delicious up, although it was different every time.

Most embarrassing moment at the bar?  Falling off the bar at our going away party. {and it was some fall- apparently he was face down for more than several minutes and people were starting to get worried.}  Or, making out with a girl in the middle of the bar while Danny was doing the same with her friend right next to me.  In my defense, I was drunk.

Jake_heather_angie Favorite memory at the bar? Gee…let me think…ummm…I’m not sure…oh yeah…kissing Emerson.

Favorite song on the jukebox?  Amarillo by Morning on the Cryin’ Fridays mix- thanks Ken.

Song you never want to hear again?  Muskrat Love for sure.

Favorite bar dancing song?  I can’t dance (although I try) so it really doesn’t matter.

How many dollars do you have on the wall?  Zero. They are all in the till.

Longest you’ve waited in line?  I was usually on the other side of the line making all the patient regulars wait to get in.  I feel like Justin was probably the most patient.

What was the Sandbar like when you worked there?  Probably the least fun bar in town- that’s why I chose to spend ungodly amounts of my free time and money there.

Any hobbies? Really getting into wine down here in New Zealand. Learning about it as well as drinking it- the two go hand in hand.

Hopefully we’ll see Jake and John again soon.  They, and their antics, are very much missed at The Sandbar.