The last post was all about our friend Mandy turning 30 and how her husband was being lame and wouldn’t even go out with her on Friday night.

Wellll… turns out that husband of hers was planning a big surprise party!! And weMandysurprise001 sure didn’t want to spoil the surprise on this blog.  Pat started planning more than a month ahead of time and sent eVites out to all their friends and raided her cell phone and MySpace pages for more contacts.  He even sent many reminder emails about the party so that it was impossible to forget it was going to happen.

The best part, though, was that over Easter weekend while visiting Mandy’s family, he pilfered a bunch of old pictures of Mandy- grade school portraits, family vacation photos, and all kinds of other pictures that I’m sure Mandy would rather the world not see.  {We all have those pictures.}  He went to the bar well ahead of time and plastered this pictures all over the walls of the upstairs beach area.

Friday night around 6:30 friends and family started gathering upstairs.  Aña was in charge of Mandy- the plan was to take her out for drinks after work since her husband was being such a bum.  Apparently Mandy was planning to just go to the gym instead.  Quite a crowd was gathered in the sand by 7 p.m. when the girls arrived- we could hear them starting up the stairs and all of a sudden we heard "What the he**?" and it was obvious at that point Mandy had seen her junior high class portrait staring back at her.

She was sufficiently surprised at the number of people who had come to the bar to wish her a happy 30th birthday.  And, yes, she decided Pat wasn’t such a bad guy after all.