Happy Birthday to our friend Mandy! And congratulations on reaching yet another milestone birthday.

Halfmarathonmandy2_2Mandy ran in the Lawrence Half Marathon on Sunday, so she deserves a fun night out on the town to celebrate her birthday.  And, I’m hearing a rumor that her husband Pat doesn’t want to go out and do anything, especially since they’ve already made plans to go to a concert on Saturday.  Apparently, he’s tired on Friday nights and doesn’t want to go out two nights in a row.  So, Mandy’s on her own if she wants to do anything on Friday.  Can you believe he’s not doing anything at all??

I guess that’s what happens as we get older. After hitting 21, the birthdays just start going downhill. Nobody pays much attention to the birthdays after that, until you turn 40, or 50, or even 60- and then they throw parties just to make fun of how old you are. 

So, Mandy, here’s to you. We hope you have a great birthday!