If you’re a regular reader, or if you pay any attention to the comments left on the blog, you’ve probably noticed "Brother Pants."  Just who is this guy?  Well, I’m certainly not going to ruin the mystique and reveal his identity.  But you can learn more about him in this post.

When did you work at The Sandbar and for how long?  Well, I’m not really an official employee, although I have helped with numerous building projects, paintings, and promotions.  I don’t really consider it "work" so much as a great time with good friends. {Brother Pants is responsible for most of the paintings around the bar- in the back room, the women’s bathroom, and upstairs. }

How did you get the job?  Oh I’m sure someone had to sleep with someone else up the company ladder. That’s usually how these things come about. {Actually, he just hung around so much that we just gave him work to do.  Since he did a pretty good job, we kept finding more things for him to do.}At_henrys

What are you doing now?  Right now I’m filling out this questionnaire.  I run a picture frame shop as a living though.

Last time you were at The Sandbar?  Saturday night, or would it be Sunday morning) at 5:00 a.m.  Some of the most interesting conversations and antics happen after the door is locked.  {Brother Pants often sticks around after closing time and helps the guys clean, stock, mop and take out the trash.}

Favorite job besides The Sandbar?  Back when I was a Vegas showgirl.  The outfits were to die for and the respect I got was boundless.  And I was a cook once.

Favorite drink to drink?  Matt makes a great Colorado Bulldog.

Favorite drink to make?  I am great at twisting the cap off a bottle of Bud Light.

Most embarassing moment at the bar?  I don’t get embarrassed.  {Actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brother Pants embarrassed.  And, he had more to say on this question but it’s unfit for printing. Go figure.}

Favorite memory at the bar?  The time I saw the image of Mother Mary in the foam of a pint of Guinness, right before I slurped it down.  I think that was me.  And it could have been a shamrock.  What was the question again?

Justin_mark Favorite song on the jukebox?  Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey.  Good sing-along-song. 

Song you never want to hear again?  I hate that Ride a Horse Cowboy drivel and every person that knows the words. 

Favorite bar dancing song? I like Shake Your Tailfeathers ‘cuz ya get to wiggle your bottom.

How many dollars do you have on the wall?  I haven’t personally put any up but my name is on a dozen or so.  The way those dollar bills migrate around the bar, I hardly know anymore.

Longest you’ve waited in line?  Maybe a half hour. If there’s a line, I just pop over to Henry’s for a beverage.  The lines usually don’t last that long anyway.

What was The Sandbar like when you worked there?  That place has always been fun. First time I went in there- 10 years ago??- I thought it was a gay bar.  Then I realized all of Key West looks like that.  It’s the people who work there that make it awesome. 

Any hobbies?  I compose operas and usurp small nations on the weekends.  And this one time, at band camp…..

5 Random Facts About Brother Pants

  • I’m actually 17 feet tall, I just slouch a lot.
  • My middle name isn’t Gerald.
  • I constantly underestimate the power of love in the world.
  • I can fluently speak 18 languages but only in English.
  • This is the first time I’ve ever successfully counted to five.

So…there you have it.  A few facts about Brother Pants.  You just never know what you can believe from that boy.  And who knows which of these ramblings are true or not true.  We just let him talk.