Awhile back I posted about the Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser, Bowl For Kids’ Sake, and the Sandbar’s bowling team.

At the event, my friend and teammate Aña (look at me, with my Spanish typewriter character skills on display!) showed up with the coolest t-shirt.  It was a haiku, but a completely random haiku that really made no sense at all, but fit the syllable requirements and therefore was a haiku.

We thought it would be funny to make up Sandbar haikus and so we came up with a couple that night.

Here’s mine:

I love The Sandbar.

I drink lots of fruity drinks.

I dance on the bar.

Haikus are fun.  All you have to is make three sentences- the first one has five syllables; the second has seven; and the third has five.  No rhyming necessary.  It’s poetry that anyone can write.

Got any Sandbar haikus?