If you’ve been in The Sandbar anytime in the last twelve years, you surely know David Johanning. He’s tended bar for twelve years now and managed the place for a lot of this time.  He’s definitely helped make the bar what it is today.

Here are some things you might not know about my favorite bartender.

How did you get a job at The Sandbar?  I was roommates with the manager before me (Garreth) and worked for Peach at Jox, a sports bar that was in the strip mall at 6th and Kasold.Dave_and_coconuts

Other jobs you have had?  Jox, The Brass Apple (a restaurant/bar that used to be at 15th and Kasold), the Hawk, and Sidewinders (a country bar that used to be where Last Call is now- can you imagine?)

Favorite job (besides the Sandbar of course!)  Working basketball camps.

Favorite drink to drink? Jack and Coke.

Favorite drink to make?  Pineapple Upside Down Cake shot.

Any specialty drinks?  Arctic Lemonade.

Most embarrassing moment at The Sandbar?  When I dressed up as "The Hammer," a pro wrestler, for Halloween.  (A story about this, along with the incriminating pictures, can be found in the archives of this blog)

Favorite memory at The Sandbar?  Meeting my wife.  (OK, Dave didn’t really say this, but it better be his favorite memory!!!)

Favorite jukebox song?  Reggae- anything by Toots or Marley.

Song you never want to hear again?  Anything from The Little Mermaid soundtrack.

Favorite bar dancing song?  The Car Wash!

How many dollars do you have on the wall?  At least 20 but I only know where four of them are.

Favorite Sandbar float?  The Love Boat.

Longest you’ve ever waited in line?  Probably 30 minutes.

Dave_sporting_news_cover Five Fun Facts:

1.  I transferred schools five times for basketball- started at Clemson, transferred to Hutch Community College, went to Southern Methodist University for a summer, back to Hutch, then came to KU.

2.  My youngest sister is a senior in high school this year.

3.  I can fix almost anything, including the rebuilding of nearly all of our house.

4.  I was born in the same town as my wife; her aunt and my uncle dated in high school until her grandpa chased my uncle with a shotgun; and I was best friends with my wife’s cousin in high school. We didn’t meet until years after all of this.

5.  I have almost 15,000 songs on the computer at home.

The picture above is the cover of Sporting News and shows Dave blocking an attempted shot by Christian Laettner in the national championship game against  Duke in 1991. Aren’t those shorts cute?