Our employees are silly sometimes.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin."  {If you haven’t, you really need to watch it.  Soon.}  It’s a super hilarious flick about, well, a 40 year old virgin. Many memorable scenes.

You also probably know that Halloween can be somewhat of a competitive holiday at The Sandbar- everyone tries to come up with that one costume that tops everyone else’s, the one that nobody else thought of, the one that is so funny and recognizable that you’re the star of the evening.

Combining these two things can produce very amusing results.

{Note: spoiler ahead! If you haven’t seen the movie- and really, why haven’t you??- stop reading now!}

So Drew decided he was going to be the 40 year old virgin for Halloween.  But not only was he going to be the title character- he was going to be the title character in perhaps his most vulnerable (and there were many) and cringe-inducing moment (and there were many of those as well). 

Remember the scene where the guys decide that Andy’s chest hair is just too much and must be removed?  Our buddy Drew thought he was man enough to handle a wax job.  And he was pretty brave, considering he let Morgan do the waxing.

You may not want to know this, but the waxing ceremony took place at the Sandbar, with the guest of honor lying down on the bar.  And the best part of all: it was videotaped! Yes, we have the event on camera. 

And as a special treat for our blog readers, here it is….Drew in all his (painful) glory.  He didn’t scream quite as much as Andy….