All of our employees have lives outside The Sandbar- they’re either in school, or they have other part-time or even full-time jobs. We’ve had teachers, bankers, and other professional types, as well as staff who worked at other bars or restaurants around town. One of the more unique sidelines of one of our employees is Danny’s gig as a member of the local band Sellout!.   

Danny002If you’ve never seen Sellout! perform, you are truly missing a fun experience.  The band usually has 6-8 members performing (including former Sandbar employee Bob on the drums!) and they’re all decked out in costume.  Gene Simmons (of KISS), Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, the construction worker from the Village People, Jim Morrison.  We’ve seen a variety of characters perform with Sellout!.  The band plays a great variety of danceable hits from every decade.  You won’t stay in your seat very long at this show. 

Danny plays the saxophone and sings many of the band’s songs. At the first shows we saw, he dressed as a Blues Brother, with a black suit, tie, and dark sunglasses.  After his wildly popular stint as Devo for Halloween, however, he’s brought that character onstage with Sellout!.  Which makes sense, since one Danny’s most popular songs is Whip It. Apparently the Devo costume also keeps him cooler during the show than the previous suit.

Sellout! usually performs at the Jazzhaus once a month on both Friday and Saturday nights. They’ve played at the Granada before, and when drummer Bob got married last April, Sellout! performed at the reception. According to their website, they play mostly in Kansas and Missouri, but are available for "fun gigs around the world." They’ll be playing again at the Jazzhaus on February 16 and 17.

If you’re looking for a good time with fun people, great music, and dancing, check out Sellout!.