The Sandbar has some brainy folks hanging around.

A group of employees, friends, regulars, and other randoms started going to Brainville, a trivia game held at Johnny’s every Thursday night and run by our friend Scotty Mac.  The game usually starts around 8 or 8:30, and there are usually 8-10 teams showing off their smarts.

The Sandbar group is sometimes smart, sometimes not.  It costs $5 per person to play, and the winning team or two takes the prize money.  I think our group has won a couple times and come close several other times.

Ron and Morgan organized an official trivia team to go to the Bottleneck’s trivia game on Sunday nights.  They even had fancy matching shirts made up, with designs on the front and their names on the back.  They’re so dedicated to answering questions for money that they even skipped out on our Christmas gift exchange.

We’ve thought about trying to incorporate a trivia game at The Sandbar.  Maybe on Fridays after work, or another, less-busy evening.  We aren’t sure yet.  It’s still in the thinking-about-it stages.  What do you think? Are Sandbar customers interested in trivia? Let us know!