We don’t like to kick people out of The Sandbar, but occasionally there’s a customer who is just too drunk, bothering other customers, or getting belligerent with the staff.  Sometimes, it’s just time to go.

Last week the guys were cursed with a particularly rowdy patron.  She’d been drinking all day during the football game, and by the time she came to The Sandbar she should have been finished.  She was banging the tip jar on the bar and yelling at the bartenders.  She wanted to dance on the bar and was told no, because she was too drunk.  After the hurricane, she managed to sneak onto the bar without catching the attention of the bartenders.  Once they saw her, they tried to get her down- but it’s difficult to make someone get off the bar if they don’t want to.  When she finally decided to disembark our fine dancing platform, she fell on the floor.  Which is exactly why they told her not to get up there in the first place.

At this point, the guys decided enough was enough, and escorted her to the door. She yelled and cursed at them during the entire walk to the door, and then even tried to come back in, telling them she was going to call the owners, get the staff fired, etc.

The moral of this story?

Don’t be a bad customer.  We like to have fun as much as the next person, but belligerent drunks are not our idea of fun.  We like to keep The Sandbar fun for everyone, and if a customer is hindering this goal, then they need to leave.

Don’t get on the bar after you’ve been told not to.  If the bartenders think you’re too drunk to get up there, you probably are.  They have a lot of experience with this.  Your safety is very important to us.

Don’t yell or curse at the bar staff.  This is an especially big pet peeve with most of the staff. They can hear you, even if they don’t acknowledge you.  They’re busy and they’ll get to you when they can.  They’ll probably ignore you until you stop yelling at them.

Don’t use the "I know the owner" line to make threats.  This doesn’t work.  Real friends don’t make threats like this. If you’re using this line, it pretty much guarantees that you’re not a good friend of the owner(s).  Real friends treat their friends’ employees with respect.

Don’t dump beer on other customers. This has happened so many times. It’s not a good move. It’s guaranteed to get you a personal escort to the door.

If you can follow these simple tips, you’ll probably be fine.  We want you to come here to have fun. The Sandbar is a happy place.