This topic has received more votes than any other question we’ve posed on this blog.  Looks like all six of our readers are serious about their New Year’s Eve party!

As of a few minutes ago, the Wedding theme was ahead again.  Although in the last week or so, voting has been strong for the pajama party theme.  I guess the former bridesmaids are coming out in full force demanding a chance to wear those dresses again.

Justin seems to think that because he sleeps in the buff, this would be acceptable (lack of) attire if we had a pajama party.  Those of you who know him, please enlighten him.  Scary. 

Jake and John even chimed in from Australia, voting for the pajama party theme.  They claim they’ll be watching the webcam to check out the party….but I have a feeling that they’ll either be partying themselves or sleeping.

We aren’t sure when we’ll announce the theme and all the details for New Year’s Eve yet but stay tuned.