The annual Sandbar Christmas party was last night.

And what a night it was. We rented a party bus that picked up the Lawrence crew at 5:30.  The bus stopped in Baldwin and picked up folks at The Lodge, and then traveled on to Ottawa to the newly opened Plaza Cinema.  Movie Dave showed us the new James Bond flick and then it was on to The Sandbar in Ottawa.

Heather and Michelle were mermaids on the bar. The ceilings are a lot shorter in Ottawa than they are in Lawrence- us tall ones have to stick to dancing on the benches. 

Sandbar_christmas_party001 Sandbar_christmas_party002

The bus ride to and from is always fun.  This particular bus came equipped with its own stripper pole.  Of course this group couldn’t leave that one alone.  But it wasn’t the girls showing off their moves- apparently Danny and Blair have side jobs that they haven’t told us about.  These two seem to know their way around a pole. 

The bus headed back to Lawrence around 10:30. The folks in Ottawa were still going strong when the bus left, and the party continued in Lawrence until the wee hours. No cheese puffs involved this time, though.

Everyone had a great time dancing and drinking and laughing.  Peach and Ted always give us a great party at the end of the year.  A photo album with pictures from the evening is over on the right side menu. Enjoy!