We have an announcement to make.

The Sandbar has opened an online store at Cafepress, an internet store that allows you to create and sell your own designs, without having to do any of the work.  A link to our store is over in the right side menu.

We print most of our own t-shirts upstairs, and some of the more difficult shirts are sent out to one of our preferred companies for printing. But there’s a lot of items that we can’t print ourselves that we thought people might like to buy.

Some of the items in our new store are stickers, magnets, buttons, mousepads, and mugs.  You can even buy buttons and magnets in a pack of ten so you can share them! We also have boxers, panties, and baby items like a bib and a onesie.  Any of these things would be super Christmas gifts for your fellow Sandbar friends, and they’re not too expensive.

All of the items we currently have are customized with The Sandbar logo.  We may add some additional designs later if this venture seems successful.  All you do is place your order, and in a couple of days the item is shipped out to you.  That’s all there is to it!