A quick update on the voting for our New Year’s Eve party:

As of a few minutes ago, the voting was very close.  There is a tie between "My Best Friend’s Wedding" and "Toga! Toga!", each with 29% of the votes.  There is also a tie between "Prom Night" and "Pajama Party," each with 21% of the votes.

A new suggestion came in via The Sandbar’s MySpace page.  Thanks to Jeannie for suggesting a tribute to the late Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.  What do you think of that one?

I’m a little nervous about the pajama party idea.  While I love the idea of partying all night in my comfy polka-dotted flannels, I don’t want them to smell like beer.  Also, there’s that fear that some woman, somewhere, would think it was a great idea to show up in some type of scanty, inappropriate-for-public sleepwear.  Or a man who showed up in just his boxers.  Scary.

Likewise with the Toga idea.  (This was Dave’s idea, by the way, not mine).  Several years ago one of our friends came to the bar on Halloween dressed as a spa-goer.  (You know who you are).  She even had a facial mask on that had cucumbers over the eyes. It was very cute, until someone jokingly tugged on her towel, and it fell off her body.  Right in the middle of the bar.  I see this happening all over again with sheets tied precariously around people.


The idea behind "My Best Friend’s Wedding" is so all you former bridesmaids out there can wear that dress again. The one you spent tons of hard-earned money on, the one that your friend swore you would be able to wear again, the one that’s been stored in your basement for the last five years and hasn’t seen the light of day.  I have several of these dresses.  In fact, several of them are almost indistinguishable from each other. 

It’s no secret that my favorite theme is prom night.  Something about those tacky taffeta gowns with their ruffles and bows just makes me smile. But I’m not trying to tell you how to vote or anything.