I wanted to write about holiday parties last week….but I really hate it when people start talking about the holidays before Thanksgiving.  So I held off until now….

The Sandbar is a great place for holiday parties.  Unless of course you have a hundred employees, and in that case they just won’t all fit.  You can bring in your own food, or give us a call and we can help arrange the food.  We love it when people bring decorations too. 

Our favorite holiday party is our own.  Every year employees at both Sandbar’s and The Lodge get together to celebrate. Usually the party rotates from one place to the other…but we probably won’t be able to do it in Lawrence anymore because it’s so small.  Sometimes we have dinner at The Lodge and then head over to Ottawa for the party.  Last year, we had a rousing game of charades happening in front of the fire at The Lodge. This year, since Peach and Ted opened up the new movie theater in Ottawa, we’re going to have the party there. 



One of the funny traditions that has evolved from the many holiday parties is cheese puffs.  We brought a huge Sam’s- size container of cheese puffs to the party in Lawrence one year.  Later in the night, the remaining hard-core partiers decided to bar hop down Massachusetts Street, taking along the cheese puffs.  Anyone who happened to be looking for this group could easily find them by the trail of orange balls left along the street, going in and out of bars, and finally trailing back to The Sandbar.Since that year we always buy a large container of cheese puffs to take to the holiday party.

In the past we’ve had gift exchanges that have gotten pretty wild.  We like the kind where you draw numbers, and the first person picks a gift and opens it, and the next person can either steal it or pick a new gift…and so on down the line.  You just never know what you might open at one of our parties…it could be a gallon of Tide, a bottle of wine, or a motorcycle helmet that someone found on the side of the road. 

Who knows what this year’s party will bring…