The Sandbar’s signature drink, the Bahama Mama, is served up with style.  Every drink comes with a colored string of Mardi Gras beads and the latest trinket that we’ve ordered from our favorite catalog, Fun Express. It’s really fun picking out new toys to hand out with the drinks, but sometimes it can get difficult to find just the right item- something that fits our theme and is also relatively inexpensive.

Key chains are always popular. They’re also easy for the bartender to loop over the straw.  We’ve had flip flops and disco balls; miniature flamingos and rubber chickens. 

Small toys that can float on top of the drink make frequent appearances, like rubber duckies.  We started out with the plain yellow ducky key chains, but now Fun Express has all kinds of cool themed rubber duckies, for every holiday and event imaginable.  Right now we have rubber duckies in Thanksgiving costumes. 

One of the most popular toys we’ve ever had were squeezable holiday characters; when you squeezed the toy, a long red tongue spit out of it’s mouth.  Apparently, though, these toys were deemed ‘dangerous’ for kids and they are no longer made.  A similar trinket has taken their place, the ‘putty eye’ characters.  When these toys are squeezed, their gel-like eyes bug out of their head.  Of course if you squeeze too hard, the eyes pop all the way out.  We learned that the hard way.

Toys with drinks have been so popular that we’ve expanded our lineup.  The popular Shark Attack drinks come with their very own toy shark, and the new Pink Flamingo comes with fancy flamingo straws.

Our new random question to the left encourages our readers to vote for the best Bahama Mama toy.  We’re also constantly on the watch for fun new items we can use, so if you find something that screams "Sandbar toy" let us know!

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