It seems that everyone loves to do the Car Wash. Almost half of you chose Car Wash as your favorite "dancing on the bar" song. And any given night, or day, if Car Wash plays on the jukebox, there is always someone on the bar. This song more than any other seems to draw people up to dance.

What is the appeal of this song? I think it’s several things. For one, there are actual dance steps to follow. Even those of us who can’t dance have fun doing the Car Wash, because we’re doing the same move as everyone else. (Perhaps with less rhythm, but anyway.) And the dance moves are very repetitive, so there’s not a lot to remember. We even have a video of Dave and Danny that plays during the song, so newbies can follow along and learn.


The real reason I think this song is such a Sandbar staple? It’s been hyped up by the staff. If you’ve ever been in the bar when this song comes on the jukebox, you know what I’m talking about. At the first sound of the clapping, Sandbar staff and regulars hop onto any available surface and snag their spot.

Dave especially likes to direct this show. During the song he shouts out the moves…."Wash it down…." "Spray it off….." and everyone follows along. And of course the dance moves are highly exaggerated.

The crowd can’t help but get into this song with all the excitement in the air. The atmosphere definitely changes when the Car Wash starts.

I hope to set up a link to the video soon so you can watch the Car Wash from home.

And for the 20% of you who picked "Something Else" as your favorite bar-dancing song…..tell us what that song is! Leave us a comment. It could be the next song featured in a Sandbar video!