Dancing on the bar at The Sandbar is a rite of passage.  Once you’ve climbed up the shaky bar stools after a few too many drinks and shaken your thing in front a bar full of people, you’ve become part of the Sandbar club.  It’s not a very elite club- there are thousands of others who have done the same.  But it’s a fun club, and once you’ve done it, you’re likely to do it again and again. 

We have our favorite bar-dancing songs at The Sandbar.  Usually whenever one of us actually puts money in the jukebox, we carefully pick our songs so that all of the bar-dancing songs are in just the right order.

The original bar-dancing song is "Shake Your Tailfeathers" from the Blues Brothers soundtrack.  It has it’s own special dance moves that everyone can follow.  Peach and Dave have been dancing on the bar to this song since the bar’s early days.

We recently made videos for "Shake Your Tailfeathers" and another crowd favorite, "Car Wash."  The videos feature Sandbar employees dancing on the beach upstairs, and they play during the songs so that Sandbar newbies can learn the dance moves.  Of course they’re also there to entertain the crowd; after all, Dave and Danny in giant afro wigs is a pretty funny sight. 

What song is the best Sandbar dancing song? 

If you pick "Something Else," leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite is.  Maybe we’ll make a video for your favorite song next!