If you ever visit the Sandbar website, you’ve probably noticed that it hasn’t changed much lately.  In fact, it hasn’t changed in nearly six months.  The person in charge of the web finally got motivated last night (okay, it’s me) and made some major changes. 

The website links to this blog now, which I hope will draw some more readers.  You can also find our daily specials, the story of the hurricane, pictures, and merchandise on the website.

Along with this blog, we now have a page on MySpace. When I was thinking about doing a blog, many people suggested that I just set up a MySpace page, which offers a blog.  I resisted this, for a couple reasons.  Mostly, it’s because if you’re viewing a profile on MySpace, you have to log in to view pictures, blogs, and other things.  I didn’t want to force everyone to have a MySpace account just to read our blog or see our pictures.  However, it was also pointed out to me that MySpace is one of the top websites for traffic these days, and everybody has a page.  So, The Sandbar has joined the rest of the world and joined MySpace.  We’re now accepting friends.

The goal is to keep the website updated with new pictures frequently, as well as any big announcements.  The website, blog, and MySpace page all link together, so check them out and let us know what you think.